I am podcasting for some time now and I think it is a good time to start sharing them with you! So from now on, you can find the podcasts on this page! The podcast is called: Talk Techie To Me and is a open platform and straight to the point! That means that we are opinionated 😉

Podcast talk Techie To Me

You can also find the podcast on Soundcloud and the applicable podcast apps from Google and iOS. Have fun and let me know if you want to join us for a podcast session or have any comments! Ow by the way, these podcasts are in Dutch and are sponsored by COMPAREX (my current employer).

Podcast number 1: what are the possibilities for us all now Windows 7, Office 2010, SQL 208 and Windows Server 2008 us are entering their end of extended support (end of life)?
Podcast “special edition”: update from Microsoft Ignite On Tour in Amsterdam. What did we see, learn and find interesting? With special guest Gertjan Jongeneel, our Senior Solution Architect.
Podcast number 2: this podcasts delivers a deep dive into the adoption of Office 365, with special guest Lisa Smak, our Customer Success Manager. Why do we need adoption and how can we be successful with Office 365?
Podcast number 3: get to know the features and possibilities with the all about Enterprise Mobility solutions from Microsoft, VMWare and Citrix. With special guest Robin Hobo, our mobility expert who can guide you to the right choice!
Podcast number 4: in this podcast we talk about Microsoft security and the Microsoft Modern Workplace. For this session we have our first external guest: Ronald Schouten. Ronald works for Microsoft and is a Solution Sales Professional for the Modern Workplace.