Once Upon a Time…

My name is Jeroen Engelander. I started my IT journey in 1999, a perfect time to become a web developer were my thoughts at that time. 4 months and several IT training later, I was working at a 1st line helpdesk for a cable internet provider. The phrase “have you tried turning it off and on again” became embedded in my psyche.

Skip ahead many years later and I found myself working as a project engineer and dabbling around in SCOM, SCCM and other related technologies like MDT and App-V. At that time I had a WordPress site with a decent following, I started the thing mainly to share and create a knowledge base around all the SCOM, CCMTrace errors and MDT magic that I found out during the daily grind. I took down that old site and is still somewhere in my old archive. Maybe one day I will spam you with that old content here….

Microsoft Cloud? Yeah, I rather stay on-premise please…

Luckily I was at the right moment at the right time because I still remember my old employer asking me for creating and implementing an Azure ROI assessment because I was “handy” with all those Cloud technologies. It’s true, I probably was the first true believer of Intune! I have known the product since it has about 4 policies and we were still talking about “waves”. Imagine me again 5 years later working as a pre-sales Cloud Consultant and constantly trying to keep up with all the Microsoft goodies hat are coming out, good times!

Current setup.exe

In my current position, I advise companies on how to get to the “Microsoft Cloud”. I am broadly oriented and have in-depth knowledge of Windows 10, EM+S, Office 365. So I can deep dive into M365 E5 and untangle the confusion. I also still dabble in Azure and have a side interest in what the other guys are doing, namely Google G-Suite and AWS.

I do my job with passion and love working with the technology of tomorrow. I am very eager to learn and do everything that’s possible to keep up with the latest developments. Like any good nerd, I also game and have a gazillion other hobbies, a family with kids and a love for sitting on a beach so yeah….Time machine when??!!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me (see social media below).

Microsoft Certifications
  • Microsoft Global Sales Challenger
  • MCSA: Office 365
  • Microsoft 365 Certified : Fundamentals
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