I’m speaking at Experts Live 2019!

Hi internet friends,

I know I haven’t been to busy with this side of my social life aka “the website”. The main part of my social existence takes place on LinkedIn and Twitter. I am busy with podcasting and a lot of work went into preparing for Experts Live. Experts Live is an event which started small but has grown large here in The Netherlands and beyond. This is a technical focused event where tech speakers (a lot of MVP’s!) talk about all the available Microsoft solutions. Think level 200-400 content.  This year Experts Live takes place on June, 6 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. And this year I have the honor to speak there together with my colleague Robin Hobo.

Experts Live 2019

The session we will present is called “Journey to the modern workplace”. In this session we take you on a journey from a real world perspective and show the challenges, commonly found infrastructure and transformation approach from legacy customers that made the switch to the Cloud enabled Modern Desktop. This session will highlight our lessons learned throughout a customer drive use case, a cool demo and we will even mix it up with a game! So hopefully I will see you at this session and have some learning fun together! But wait! There are a lot of other cool and interesting speakers too! Click here for the full program of Experts Live 2019 so you can make your own schedule.


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